• Made in USA

    We support workers whose cost of living is the same as ours. We pay wages that allow them to live a dignified life here in the USA.

  • Top Quality

    The high quality we provide guarantees that each Pomcho will be a long-lasting item for your meditation practice.

  • Designed Only for Meditation

    Pomcho is not just any poncho. It is designed by actual meditators to minimize distractions and provide maximum comfort during meditation practice.

This is where we are when we don’t answer the phone…

POMCHO™️ is one of the good babies of the lockdown. As we all rolled with the punches, many of us gave a special place to our meditation practice. I’ve been involved with meditation for a long time, but truth be told, it still isn’t always easy to sit down for those however many minutes on a truly regular basis. So one day, as I was trying to sit still and turn my attention inward, I was feeling a bit chilly so I pulled the waist of my long skirt up to my neck and… BAM! My focus turned inward very quickly and effortlessly, and it stayed there for a great meditation.

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