Introducing POMCHO™️, your meditation cocoon, your portable sacred temple, keeper of your meditative energy, your inseparable security blanket that cradles you into meditation anywhere, at any time

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  • Designed for Meditation

    Pomcho is not just any poncho. It is designed by actual meditators to minimize distractions and provide maximum comfort during meditation practice.

  • Top Quality

    The high quality we provide guarantees that each Pomcho will be a long-lasting item for your meditation practice.

  • Made in USA

    We support workers whose cost of living is the same as ours. We pay wages that allow them to live a dignified life here in the USA.

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POMCHO™️ is one of the good babies of the lockdown. As we all rolled with the punches, many of us gave a special place to our meditation practice. I’ve been involved with meditation for a long time, but truth be told, it still isn’t always easy to sit down for those however many minutes on a truly regular basis. So one day…

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As affordable as a good pair of sneakers

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