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As with everything, let your instinct guide you. All our POMCHOS are made with natural fibers allowing the energy to flow easily. Wool is the traditional top choice for meditation asanas (mats) as it is particularly efficient in retaining your meditative energy. However, where you live, your meditation habitsb and other elements will cause you to be attracted to a particular POMCHO™️. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the long run. Your POMCHO™️ is there to stay with you for a long time.

You need absolutely nothing to meditate. Ideally, you don’t want your practice to depend on anything exterior, so that you can truly strengthen your focus independently of circumstances. However, each person tends to notice what helps their process and what doesn’t. Silence and a dim light are popular favorites. So is a fairly empty stomach (not so empty that you can think of nothing but food). And there are more, like pillows, scents, certain sounds and so on. So it’s ok to help yourself with whatever works for you. That’s what our POMCHO™️ offerings are all about.

If you’ve ever done muscle testing (AKA Applied Kinesiology or AK) you have a pretty good idea of the difference in your muscle strength depending on what substance you’re testing. Our energy levels increase or decrease not only with what we eat, but also with what we touch, see, hear, smell, and certainly with what we think. POMCHO™️ is made to protect and hold your meditative energy, therefore it must be made with natural fibers. Just as plastic and rubber isolate you from electricity, they also isolate you from the energy of the ground you walk on, or sit on, and that’s not what we want for meditation. In textile terms, that means no acrylics or synthetics. We do all we can to be energetically connected to the earth, even if we live on the 15th floor of a skyscraper, we still do.

We created POMCHO LIGHT to offer a more easily affordable line than our main one. We want everyone to be able to get their POMCHO. With POMCHO LIGHT we are able to go down some hundred dollars from our average price and offer 4 interest-free payments up to $40/installment. Pomchos in the Pomcho Light collection have the same shape as our regular Pomchos, however we have dropped the hardware and only kept the fabric. We choose fabrics - like our 100% cotton batiks - that not only are joyous and natural, but allow for a less complex manufacturing, thus making it possible to drop the price and still be made in the USA.

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