About us

POMCHO™️ is one of the good babies of the lockdown. As we all rolled with the punches, many of us gave a special place to our meditation practice. I’ve been involved with meditation for a long time, but truth be told, it still isn’t always easy to sit down for those however many minutes on a truly regular basis. So one day, as I was trying to sit still and turn my attention inward, I was feeling a bit chilly so I pulled the waist of my long skirt up to my neck and… BAM! My focus turned inward very quickly and effortlessly, and it stayed there for a great meditation.

casually did the same thing a few weeks later and had the same experience. I was so surprised by the effect that this simple garment had on my practice that I went on to design my ideal meditation garment, based on that inspiration. I thought about what fibers would best hold the energy, what shape would emphasize the cocoonish feeling still leaving me free, what size hood could function as a hat and a light-blocker too, would sleeve-cuts help me focus (no) and did I really need them (no), was the bottom cord string necessary (maybe) or just psychologically comforting (for sure), why wasn’t I having the same experience with a shawl, and so on and on. I made my first meditation poncho and called it POMCHO™️. I meditated in it and then showed it to some of my meditator friends only to see them instantly fall in love with it. By now, it was crystal clear: POMCHO™️ wasn’t just for me. It met the needs and taste of so many more and it needed to be shared with you all, whether you are an old time practitioner, an aspiring meditator, or anyone in between.

Please welcome POMCHO™️, your meditation cocoon, your portable sacred temple, keeper of your meditative energy, your inseparable security blanket that cradles you into meditation anywhere, at any time.

With love,

and all who contribute to the making of POMCHO™️